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afirstline's Journal

A First Line -- Yet Another Fanfic Challenge Comm
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A First Line is a reconstruction of sorts, of a community I used to run many moons ago, under a different LJ name (endless_fever) firstlines1000. I never liked the 1000 in there, and I'm not sure why I put it there. The community has been over run with spam and neglected for over a year. Now that I'm back on LJ and trying to get back into the swing of writing, I am here to get this community going again.

The Concept.
The Concept of afirstline is simple. Take the provided first line and run with it. Turn it into a fanfic of your own. Any fandom is welcome.

The Rules.

Everything has rules. A first line is not unique, in that matter, however, our rules are simple:

  1. Make your subject line the following format: First Line # - Title - Fandom - Pairings (if you have any, if none, leave that off)
  2. Use this format, when posting your fic to the community:
    First Line #:
    Pairings: Optional. If you don't have a pairing, don't include this part, or write None.
    Warnings: Optional. Violence, non-con, etc….
    Word Count:
    Summary: Optional. I know some do not like to write summaries.
    And the fic under an LJ cut.

    To make it easier for you, here's the cut & paste version:

  3. 'Fake LJ Cuts' are allowed, but warn us that it's an off-community link.
  4. Any fandom, any rating, any paring is welcome. Do not bash members for their choices. In fact, bash and be gone. It's that simple.
  5. As of right now (1/17/08) you may only answer the current challenge. Challenges stay up for a week. You may answer the challenge up to 5 times.
  6. You may change the tense of the first line. You may change the gender of the first line as well (ex: 'Joe said he liked fruit' can be changed to 'Scully says she likes fruit')
  7. Tag your entries. With: line #, fandom, author's user name. No other tags allowed. They will be removed from your post. For the sake of symmetry, all tags will be in lower case.

Who are Joe and Jane?
Joe and Jane are simply names I'm sticking in to the sentences to make it clearer than 'NAME_HERE' or some such.

You may direct any of those to me, Di, the mod. You can email me at: endlessfever(AT)gmail(dot)com.

Have a suggestion for a first line?

You can email endlessfever(AT)gmail(dot)comm,, or suggest a first line HERE.

10_quotes. crossovers50. galorechallenge. shortfic_500.

Want to be one? either email me at the above address, or comment HERE.

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